Whiskey Tumbler Glasses- Set of 6


Whiskey Tumbler Glasses- Set of 6

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    Simple whiskey glasses with a characteristic cylindrical shape will appeal to lovers of tasteful minimalism. They also work great when serving drinks, water, or other cold drinks.
    Transparent glass with a perfect gloss makes it possible to admire the color of the drink during the tasting. The set can be washed in a dishwasher.
    Solid bottom and reinforced edge make the glasses not only aesthetically finished, but also extremely durable for matting or damage. They are not only practical but also elegant.
    The clear glass has a height of 97 mm and a diameter of 81 mm. Ideally suited not only on special occasions but also during everyday rituals.

    • Capacity: 300 ML
    • Diameter: 81 mm
    • Height: 97 mm
    • Number of pieces in the set: 6
    • Color: colorless
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