About us

Our Mission

The best way to describe Essential Barware : a toy store for every bartender or whoever likes to experiment with the wide and interesting world of cocktail. Our goal remains one: namely, to bring to the masses high-quality products which will increase the cocktail consumption, each and every day.

Our Approach 

Essential Barware's approach is quite different then many barware stores. We prioritize handmade products providing the most transparency we can, in the most democratic way possible. For that reason, EB tries to work directly with producer's to offer high-end products while staying affordable at the same time.

Our Values 

To be in business is one thing, but its our passion for what we do that makes the effort worthwhile. We are here to offer to bartenders and enthusiasts alike, a steady stream of high quality tools.

Our Green Policy 

  • Recycling: Systematic recycling or reuse of packaging materials.
  • Paperless Office: minimal use of paper is used in all our operations this is also why we put so much emphasis in e-marketing  instead of using traditional ways.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging: use of recycled or biodegradable cardboard.
  • Quality before quantity: By opting for quality our products are designed to last for a long time. Our branding policy reflects our pricing, deciding to go brand free for better prices.